Monday, September 8, 2008

I just fixed this blog so that search engens could't find it. That should make it fairly safe. However some of you might feel uncomfortable having this list here. I just wanted all us folks's emails preserved and couldn't figure how to work my address book. I hope we get this tradition of meeting every 24sth established as a "forever" think.

Tebbs, Susan and Brian" , "Tebbs, Craig and Lisa" , "Tebbs, Kathy and Ron Mecham" , "Tebbs, Nate and Jennifer Moos" , "'Tebbs, Doug (Danny)'" , "Jason Hale" , "Brent Hale" , "Glen and Veda" , "Glen Hale" , "Merrilee Gottfredson" , "Andrea Callister" , "Dan and Heather Gottfredson" , "Janice and Michael" , "Kent Gottfredson" , "Lorraine Dickson" , "Matthew Gottfredson" , "Louis and Lolly" ,, "'Tebbs, Christian and Alice'" , "Robert and Cindy Judd" , "Cristy Rowley" ,, "Andrea, Nickles " , "Brad and Alicia Judd" , "Cindy Judd" , "David Judd" , "Lee Bjerreguard" , "'Robin Nielsen'" , "'Daniel Miller'" , "'Elder Andrew Miller'" , "'Holly and Mike (JFMA)'" , "'Holly and Mike (Yahoo)'" , "'Jared and Shirley'" , "'Jonathan Miller'" , "'Kent (Work)'" , "'Megan Miller'"

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